We specialize in crafting sustainable solutions. Partner with us for environmentally conscious promotional products
Sustainable, Eco-friendly products Our products are made from renewable, sustainably sourced, and recyclable materials, ensuring a eco-friendly and responsible production
Certified for European and American Markets Independently developed and factory-based, we possess all certifications compliant with European and American markets.
Factory with Custom Mold Capabilities Customizable with mold development capabilities, we operate as a factory.
RPET- Turning Recycled bottles into lifestyle items
The majority of our materials are sourced from repurposed plastic bottles, embodying our dedication to eco-friendly practices View All >
Bamboo, Wheat fiber Electronics
Our electronic products are also crafted using these materials, further exemplifying our commitment to sustainability. View All >
Plant Fiber-made Sports Strap Series
We craft exceptionally skin-friendly and ultra-soft straps using pure plant fiber extraction. Customizable for various sports and fitness strap options. View All >
Sustainable Materials in Progress
We are also developing products using environmentally friendly materials such as coffee grounds, eco-silicon,etc. Our commitment to sustainability remains steadfast as we continue to innovate View All >
Sustainable choices, shaping a greener future. Choosing eco-friendly promotional gifts is choosing the future. We consistently innovate in developing new environmentally conscious promotional items, aiming to convey our company's ethos along with every gift purchase. Embrace sustainability with us – the essence of a greener tomorrow.
Our Commitment to Plastic-Free Products and Packaging
We uphold a 'No Plastic' philosophy, ensuring our products and packaging are entirely free from plastic. From inception to delivery, we prioritize sustainability, offering eco-friendly alternatives that make a positive impact on our planet. Join us in the journey towards a plastic-free future. Read More    >
Solutions & Tips View All   >
Task Panda was in HongKong Mega Show Part I. Oct.2018 November-16-2018 We are in Oct. HongKong Mega Show! Welcome to visit us! Read More    >
Task Panda showcased its products at the ISPO 2023 show in Munich December-25-2023 Braving a rare heavy snowfall, we brought our eco-friendly gifts to the show. The crazy snow made it an unforgettable adventure, and our green products stood out just like the sparkling snow around us. It was an amazing experience, proving that our commitment to sustainability can weather any storm! Read More    >